Futurelearn and the Open University

Education will always have a place in the world but the nature of it is changing as themselves students are. Students are venturing into online education, and even traditional students are using online learning materials. Universities are seizing this opportunity to become more flexible and dynamic in their educational approach. The open university is a pioneer in open education and is now using a broad collection of teaching techniques by adapting the MOOC platform to provide free online courses. MOOC is a patriarch when it comes to free online courses and was developed by the British Council.

The MOOC platform was set up by the open university and is called Futurelearn. It is now a method of teaching in the open university and students can receive feedback on their work and assessment as well as get all the support they need via the Internet.

Learners can partake in online courses through their platform and will be able to broaden their access to social learning and quality education. Students will have an avenue to connect with other top universities through MOOC, making it a foothold between social and traditional learning. By successfully completing the open university assessment module through e-learning on the platform, and by getting the certificate of achievement for every module, learners can get credits which will lead to a university degree and professional qualifications. The open university partners with some of the UK’s leading institutions and international universities which include;

  • The British Council
  • The British Library
  • The British Museum

Academic sessions comprise of weekly short video lectures that have interactive quizzes. Online textbook and additional learning materials are fully and freely accessible for weekly assignments and course projects. Collaborative forums are made available to students for studying and discussing course assignments and materials with peers from around the world. Students who complete the MOOC will receive a completion certificate.


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