Khan Academy

Technology is having a deep impact and profound effect on the way education is being provided today, and the Internet has become a storehouse for free tutorials. The Internet has been the home of learning and educational sites like Khan Academy, an academic arsenal of knowledge that has been modifying the face of education, is one of the biggest educational sites on the Internet. It is harnessing the power of the Internet by using free video tutorials to educate students online. Khan Academy video tutorials are sometimes used in traditional learning as well.

Khan Academy videos are a proof that education can be customised to suit anyone’s need. These video tutorials, most of which are mathematics, are organised and paired with a pile of assessments for learners. Teachers can keep track of their students’ performance and progress level subject and assessment wise and can be graded by machines on the website. Khan Academy is available as a mobile app and on the Web. Its videos are made to be;

  • Downloadable
  • To have subtitles and language support
  • To give users access to college and test-prep resources
  • Provide practice problems

Part of their current trend involves making educational materials available for users all over the world for free. They offer online learning content in over 5000 subjects which includes statistics and science. They also made a provision for entrepreneurs to take venture capital courses as well as provide resources from MIT’s OpenCourseWare (OCW), and the Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC). Students, teachers, and adults returning to the school can access materials and resources freely. They can learn the basics and fundamentals of computer science, prepare for SAT, and explore new topics. It is great for those who want to earn diplomas and degrees but does not offer any of the two, it’s available to all who have access to an Internet connection and does not require registering an account.


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