Linkedin is now helping to reshape education and have started investing in that direction. They have expanded towards online education going outside the job search and recruitment service by launching LinkedIn learning site. On the learning site, they offer skill training classes they got from acquiring This is an online education company offering a myriad of video courses in software, business, technology and creative topics and skills. This has helped Linkedin users maintain and keep their professional status updated, like those who are transforming their career path or switching careers. It has also simplified the learning experience for both employees and employers.

They offer courses that are easy to digest and available in several languages. Guest trainers and contributors are also featured on Linkedin learning to provide strategies to business owners and professionals. Adding education and learning to their offering makes Linkedin a one-stop shop for learning and networking. Students enrolled in higher educational institutes can obtain diverse materials like career guides, and the how-to videos on Linkedin for students platform.

It was noted that employers are taking advantage of the learning platform for their employees to gain new technologies and new business skills. They have also shown interest in courses like body language for leaders, managing your time, SEO foundation, creating a business plan, business analysis foundation, and entrepreneurship foundation on the platform. Teachers can apply to become instructors on LinkedIn learning after which they are expected to possess skills to help them earn extra income and be able to help their students reach professional and personal goals. You don’t need a Linkedin account to learn on their educational platform, however, details of the courses you take along with the certificate you get can be added to your profile if you have one. Some learning features that are now available on Linkedin include thrive global courses and thrive global library, daily bites courses, and micro-learning.


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