Online Credentials and Certificates

There are a variety of disciplines offered by online educational institutions which enables a student to take comprehensible exams for their educational advancement. While some Internet sites offer informal education on general topics at no cost, others offer education on topics that can secure you a diploma, a degree or even a certificate. However, time is a major factor in choosing between the three of them. If you are able to make time, then degree might be the right one to pursue. The cost of getting a certificate or a degree should align with your career goal since the costs are different.

Online certificate

If you only desire to develop your skills or update your knowledge in a particular field, if you desire a career change or career advancement, then online certificate may be more suitable and it takes about a year or even less sometimes. These certificates are there to point out your area of expertise and would normally offer about 6 courses. You can earn more than one online certificate in a short period of time. Some common certificate course include;

  • MOOC certificates
  • Undergraduate and graduate certificates
  • Postbac certificates
  • Coding bootcamp certificate

Online degree

People who usually go for online degrees are those who do not seek immediate returns, however, in the long run, it pays more. In contrast to the online certificates, the field of study is approached in a much broader sense and the curriculum is offered with different skills. It requires a student to complete about 8-12 courses and as a result, may cost twice as much as the certificate courses. However, it is possible to first earn or stake up smaller certificates, and then later upgrade to a degree by taking the required courses. Some online degrees include;

  • Post-secondary degrees
  • MOOC based degrees
  • Nanodegrees

As long as it fulfils your goals and gives you career flexibility, each of these can provide you with world class and standard certification.


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