Online Music Education

It’s incredible how much more appealing music has become with the Internet revolutionising the way we acquire knowledge. The dramatic expansion of online music education due to new media technologies is helping prepare people in music and related fields. More people have an opportunity to land jobs in management, promotion, music production and record label development due to these technologies. Online education portals offer valuable music education and most courses you will able to take without paying too much. Some websites simply the process so that you’ll be able to read and write music at the end.

Online Music degree

For those who are seeking a college equivalent music course, they can go online; consider enrolling in an online college of music. Berkeley is one of the colleges that offer online music courses, especially if taking an individual course without having to pursue a degree if that is what you want. But then, becoming a classical music performer or to work as a classical singer/musician may require a bachelor’s degree in music. Courses students can take in the online music programs include;

  • Legal Aspects of Music and Entertainment
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Management
  • Music Theory
  • Sight-Reading

Online programs try to recreate the experience of the traditional music school by using streaming video and other technologies. These degree courses may take 2-4 years and requires 60-120 credits respectively.

Online Music platforms

Music theory is comprehensive and these online platforms can provide a lot of quality free content that can help you be at your best in music.

  • Coursera – Some online music websites take their curriculum from well-known universities, and Coursera is one of them. On Coursera, the fundamentals of music are available and the courses are designed for those who have absolutely no formal education in music or even a music background.
  • Ethan Winer – This is designed for basic music theory, however, for people without a solid foundation in music, this doesn’t help too much. They will struggle in the beginning which is why it is better taken as a supplementary course to help solidify existing knowledge.

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